Updated   06/11/2009              VOTE NO on NO RAISE Contracts,  STOP PAYING  UNION DUES July 2009       

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win: Ghandi 

An Activist site Committed to State Workers Rights, Ending forced Union Dues without a LEGAL VOTE to old unions using political influence to avoid paying their taxes.


We Stand Against Card Check Legislation That ends WORKERS RIGHTS TO VOTE ON FORCED DUES. It is important that WORKERS voices be a part of the debate on Card Check. Unions and pay to play politicians are the ONLY card check supporters. Washington State shows a forced union government workplace without a vote is a  hostile workplace. CARD CHECK OPPONENTS PLEASE EMAIL   to network and coordinate with workers fighting to regain our right to a legal vote on forced dues.

Our vision is a government workplace where employee rights to choose to associate or not is respected by the state. Where pay to play unions do not buy politicians to use state office to illegally deny workers  a legal vote on forced dues. Where the state treats workers honestly and fairly, not as cash cows to be forced to pay dues to unions who exist first to buy political support, not serve workers.  

Every non union worker was required to get a vote on forced union dues. Washington State and the unions coordinated denying non union workers, 77% of the state a vote required in writing. State unions went from about $4 million a year to over $33 million a year in dues, and due have been raised from $40 a month maximum to over $70 in 3 years. This is double what real unions like the powerful UAW charge. 

In return for buying influence, state unions receive state support. HR managers remove posting to inform workers of their rights to self organize, leave forced unions, and stop paying excessive dues. This is bad for workers, taxpayers and voters wanting ethical and evenhanded government.  Dept. of Revenue even directed tax discovery not to pursue registering these unions. They are required to be registered (RCW 82.32.030), and owe tax according to union records. 

We have filed breach of contract suits in Thurston County Superior court against the state, WPEA/UFCW, and WFSE/AFSCME . The initial ruling was that workers had to file suit within 6 months of being cheated out of a vote required in writing, though the state and union did not tell workers about the contract, their right to vote, or forced dues for years. We need to hear from potential supporters of a workers right to vote on forced dues to help fund our appeal on this Statute of limitations issue, and move the suits into full discovery. 

  Read WFSE COMPLAINT.  READ WFSE MOTION HERE. We thank James P. Richmond attorney at Law (SPEAKING AFTER HEARING IN THE PICTURE) for his counsel, integrity and commitment. We seek all dues paid from 7/1/2005 to 6/30/2007 refunded. This case is about the State and unions cheating the 77% of non union workers out of a legal contract vote. No VOTE, No DUES.



Our vision is State Workers free to choose joining a union in a secret ballot, or by individual choice. Where workers own and control their union, a union that exists only to inform and support workers, not to buy political influence. Reasonable dues of $30 for workers WHO CHOOSE to join, or not. Has your old union told you about your rights? Have they taken YOUR right to even file a grievance? How much of your money they spend to buy politicians? Do they give you a secret ballot on forced union dues? Have they raised your dues from $40 a month to over $70 in 3 years? Do you like or respect your union? We can do much better.

The WFSE/AFSCME has raised top union dues about 87% in 3 years from $40 to over $75 a month, and the WPEA/UFCW about 75% from $40 to over $70 under politically forced unionization. Workers have been cheated out of a vote by the state and unions, required in a written agreement. Individual rights to file a grievance, to state and Federal overtime law protections, to a 40 hour workweek, and to due process have been sold out under these public union contracts. The unions buy political influence with one party.  The State takes our pay to reward the unions. It is time to end this concentration of power between Public Unions and the Politicians they buy, at the expense of workers. KEEP POLITICAL PARTY MONEY SEPARATE FROM LABOR CONTRACTS. EXPENSIVE and WRONG.  Get a REAL RAISE, vote out the unions, keep the dues, sue the state and unions to get forced dues repaid to you. 

OUR TIME HAS COME TO ACT AND END Forced Political Unionization after being cheated out of a vote. This case will be tried in courts, but also in the court of public opinion before the voters. We will act in the workplace, in the courts, and in the media. WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT IN THESE AREAS: 


VOTE NO ON THE NEW NO RAISE CONTRACTS  The unions now have to negotiate a new contract with no raises, and put it to a worker vote. VOTE NO! You have MORE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS WITHOUT THE UNION CBAs. If there is no ratified union CBA on 7/1/2009 the state can enforce he terms and conditions of the old contract (If you have not decertified the union), but we are then allowed to continue collecting decertification cards and can decertify these unions as soon as we collect enough cards. NO 30 DAY MARCH WINDOW ON DECERTIFICATION. The state and unions fear workers getting a vote on forced unionization. They know they loose that vote. 

Email to get on our email distribution list if you support ending forced unionization. Your identity will be protected to protect you from state/union retaliation. We will be providing information and structure to DECERTIFY these public unions, which requires workers to print, sign and submit "authorization cards"  We will also provide information and forms so you can pay dues to a charity, not to these public unions if you qualify. Denying these public unions who sell out your rights, and buy political support, your hard earned cash is proper and just. Besides it becomes tax deductible in most cases!

 Our freedoms and rights guaranteed by  laws and constitutions have been stripped. State and Federal Overtime Laws waived, the 40 HOUR WORKWEEK waived, your right to file a grievance sold out. We can make this state an honest and fair employer, and stand for workers rights. This is a fight we can win! 

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Fair Washington Labor Association Exists to support State Workers Rights, and fight state/union corruption in forced unionization, and collectively bargain for workers. We are not affiliated with any political party. We are affiliated with which is a libertarian organization of state employees formed to regain worker rights to free association. We believe unions can be good or bad, depending on whether the union serves workers, or uses workers for the unions needs first. Washington Public Unions have cheated workers out of a required vote, sold out our rights, and acted to build union money to direct and influence politics ahead of representing workers.